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My First Blog

My First Blog


I Have Always Wanted to See New and Exciting Places

And I will Enjoy Every Minute doing It!

I live in the United States, in the state of New York.  I am currently retired and have never really traveled anywhere. My problem is that I have a deathly fear of flying.  So it becomes difficult to travel.  What I have decided to do is to make little movies from pictures and video clips and experience other countries vicariously. For me it will be a lot of fun since being retired, I have more then enough time, I do this.


I also do web sites but they are a lot of effort and become very repetitious but doing travel videos are a lot of fun!


So here is my first.  I have always wanted to see London, England. It always seemed to have so much history associated with it. From Jack the Ripper, to the Battle of Britain and growing up all the wonderful rock and roll music that came out of there. Enough said and here is my first!






I have always wanted to spend time at a mountain resort. The Adirondack Mountains are several hundred miles north of where I live and I never had the opportunity to see them. They are supposed to be a wonderful resort area. In my dreams, I visit with my pet. And we partake in all the different activities that they offer. Wouldn't that be a wonderful vacation!


Sunglasses - I only wear Them at Night

Just a little video about how sunglasses add mystery to your persona. A pair of designer sunglasses can make you look so different that your kids won't recognize you! I only wish!  This video isn't about traveling but wearing a pair of sunglasses are a trip in itself so maybe didn't travel too far from my original intentions!




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